Who's Got Your Pride

from by Will Grayson



You feel like all your friends
are losing their interest
it could just be your insecurities
whispering into your ear
putting your mettle to a test
hoping their motives are well-meant
you'll never know them in the end
there's something that i wanna do
but i know what you've been through
so if you need another month or two
then i guess i'll let you choose
i reject my successes, you deny my faults
but all the same you still blame
yourself for them
despite all that i've said
i guess that you know best
always knew i should've stayed
off those things i shouldn't have said
things between were going okay
until they fell apart again
nothing is lost, nothing is gained
everything between us always the same
nothing was ever uncaused
everything was either yours or my fault
how the hell am i supposed to act surprised
when the lie lies right in front of my fuckin eyes
who's got your pride?


from I Won't Ask About You Anymore, released May 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Will Grayson Windham, Connecticut

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