The Captain is Me

from by Will Grayson



Am i pushing myself
too much upon others
and shoving krista out
while shoveling the ground
for what's left of my self-doubt
just because of some dumb things
we did and/or said last week
neither quite admitting defeat
your promises a hospice
i reside in for years
once the disaster has passed
i resurrect hope at last
for backs stacked on mattresses vast
every exertion wears us thin
every appeal gets you again
my evidence of every moment
before when this had come close to an end . . .
might've messed up what i said
and misspoke what i'd meant
but all those aspects added up
never amounted to all that much
but i still blame myself for them
despite all the things that you've said
but i guess that you know best
so now i'm clocking out this round
i'm done with letting you let me down
always counting on you for the rebound
'cause all your hollow followthroughs
still somehow lead me back to you
let's just call it a draw
and forget all those times i ever felt for you at all.


from I Won't Ask About You Anymore, released May 12, 2017



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Will Grayson Windham, Connecticut

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