Aristotle's Lost Notes on Comedy

from by Will Grayson



We traveled to a thrift shop
three towns down
we looked around for some cool things to cop
she found a copy of virgil
which had been dropped on the ground
no ISBN code
so she bought and taught it to me
line by line
every word's declension and verb-ending
but in the end
it all seemed so pointless to me
when later that month
she left town to go back to school
she wasn't disinterested
but now she's too far to pursue it
i shouldn't even have mentioned it . . .
bitten fingertips
and stilted sentences
that stumble out my mouth
and how
your words that i discern in return
as they scale my every exhale
a chance at honest conversation
come and gone again
i promise you i would've
if only we could have went
but this kind of thing keeps happenin
so it seems kind of relevant
i'm sitting here drunk and reading
aristotle's lost notes on comedy
waitin for your messages to leave me
but they're worth nothin
compared to your company
and out i breathe
put down the book and lead
my eyes outside
to see all our unshared time
standing there, so patiently
beside me.


from I Won't Ask About You Anymore, released May 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Will Grayson Windham, Connecticut

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