Will Grayson

by Will Grayson

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1. Courage
2. More
3. Conversation
4. No Thanks
5. Red
6. Receipt

7. 4630
8. Molina
9. Kitchen
10. Krista Cracks Up
11. At Her Leisure


released August 5, 2016

grayson: guitars, vocals, bass, drum machine, drums (3, 11), piano, mandolin, mixing
kyle: drums (6, 9)
jorge: additional guitar (5), drums (10)

recorded / mixed in my bedroom from september 2015--august 2016

cover art adapted from "døden og kvinnen" by edvard munch



all rights reserved


Will Grayson Windham, Connecticut

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Track Name: Courage
Four or five years back
wasn't courage that i lacked
we first met at art class
a few weeks later at your address
got to see you undress
a few months later we gave it a rest
moved to new england that spring
after that we didn't speak
a few years later you msg'd me
we talked about our favorite bands
said i'd visit when i got the chance
"i'll let you know in advance"
but tell me
can first friends make amends?
when we don't understand each other
and we walk back our words
you just neglect me like half
of last night's dinner at pat's
it's too soon, too soon to laugh
but i do it anyway
and the way i self-deprecate
it kinda saves the date
tell me
can good friends make amends?
then the sex starts again, when it's over
the talk after's the worst.
Track Name: More
You're so far ahead of me
but it's okay, my love
i guess i got a good head on me
if i'm with you presently
i hope you see it too
god knows it's true
your history speaks to me
tell me more, my love
those doors should never be shut
trust me, i've done it long enough
please don't you do it too
don't you do it too
you never meant more than that to me
it never meant more than this to me.
Track Name: Conversation
Ten times i've seen your face
each and every time i've blanked on your name
you said we had a conversation once
at some guy's party back a couple months
and you don't recall what it was about
nor do i, but what if we could have it now?
would it be the same?
or so different
that we'd both lose our interest?
ten times i've seen your face
always seem to find my memory misplaced
did i love your laugh?
what was it that kept me from remembering that?
did you give me a smile?
was there somethin that kept me from givin it back?
Track Name: No Thanks
I got a whole semester's worth of regrets
from days of trading thanks
but ending up with no sex
your baggage is in the past tense
all of mine is in the present
how are you gonna feel
once my love ends?
Track Name: Red
Remnants of your red hair
remain on my bedsheets
never washed
then some months later you call me
what do you want from me?
i don't know what i really want
just that it's not what I've currently got
i don't care what you've been doin out there
even if i'm not any part of it
you messed up my well-made bed
tossing pillows past my head
flinging sheets off with your knees
your body on top of me
digging your face into my cheek
that was one of the better nights of my life
this time when you left it was kind of alright
there's a good chance it can happen again
i could love you red, it's only a matter of when.
Track Name: Receipt
some days i don't know what i've done right
some nights roll over in bed to look outside
at streetlights through trees and houses like seas
i don't know what the hell i need
to make ends meet without me involved in these
love-lost people who have no need of me.
Track Name: 4630
We both knew
this was going to end bad
but we were both lonely and
i was the only one you had.
(She don't trust anyone else
not that i can help that.)
Track Name: Kitchen
Kissin krista in the kitchen
while her roommates come in drunk
one of them called sara
has mascara running down her front
i guess she'd met some man
who managed to make her cry
i hope to god that krista, she
never sees me become that guy
krista then breaks the embrace
so that she can comfort her friend
i am left here standin
wonderin how much more time here i should spend
i want this kissin to never end
we both snap out of it
at basically the same time
i go home with a feelin
that things between us, they aren't fine
and you're not mine
you're not mine
why would you ever wanna watch me whine?
Track Name: Krista Cracks Up
Took in a few drags of air
as i made it up the stairs
her door was locked
and i'm curiosity-caught
i knocked and out she walked
she said:
"we can talk a minute
if this time you promise you'll listen"
so we both sat on her bed
'you're a real fuckin jerk'
she says to me, but not in so many words
among with other critiques
but only half of them were ones i heard
and then she looks straight at me
while i stare back and think about when to speak
i moved my arm over
and placed it on her shoulder
she shrugged it off, my face was red
i started in:
"so tell me then, if we're both sick of this,
what are you and i
going to do tonight about it?"
and she just sat and stared
i'm wondering if she even cares
is she even there
has she no lies nor truths to bear?
seconds later, mouth open and she shouts:
"just what the hell do you think that we're talking about?"
oh well i guess i might
come to regret this relationship
and the fact that she
is the one putting an end to it
i've always thought i'm right
but one man's mind might change tonight.
Track Name: At Her Leisure
An ambiguous gesture
that could’ve been from pleasure
or possibly due to pressure
if i only had the will to press her
on what she meant then
i know she’ll answer
at her leisure.