I Won't Ask About You Anymore

by Will Grayson

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1 Carved
2 Aristotle's Lost Notes on Comedy
3 Blue
4 Had
5 Who's Got Your Pride
6 Ghost

7 Out of Blame
8 The Captain is Me
9 Your
10 From Kentucky to Dust
11 Heaven Tonight


released May 12, 2017

grayson: guitars, vocals, bass, drums, drum machine, synth & piano, mixing
chris: bass (2, 3, 8), additional guitar (7)
kyle: drums (8)
neil: additional guitar (11)

recorded / mixed in my bedroom from september 2016-may 2017

cover art adapted from a found photo, shared by @punlovsin



all rights reserved


Will Grayson Windham, Connecticut

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Track Name: Carved
Life's got me pretty exhausted
i had a good idea once and then i lost it
countless unaccounted for dreams
that pile up like so many dishes in my sink
what was alright in my life
i had it once
happiness as a habit
which i've since given up
some weeks where there's never any certainty
just another hunch
leading me to believe
that none of this matters all that much
i've patched the old frustrations
with more lax procrastinations
been fallin down the rungs for months
could you help me get back up?
Track Name: Aristotle's Lost Notes on Comedy
We traveled to a thrift shop
three towns down
we looked around for some cool things to cop
she found a copy of virgil
which had been dropped on the ground
no ISBN code
so she bought and taught it to me
line by line
every word's declension and verb-ending
but in the end
it all seemed so pointless to me
when later that month
she left town to go back to school
she wasn't disinterested
but now she's too far to pursue it
i shouldn't even have mentioned it . . .
bitten fingertips
and stilted sentences
that stumble out my mouth
and how
your words that i discern in return
as they scale my every exhale
a chance at honest conversation
come and gone again
i promise you i would've
if only we could have went
but this kind of thing keeps happenin
so it seems kind of relevant
i'm sitting here drunk and reading
aristotle's lost notes on comedy
waitin for your messages to leave me
but they're worth nothin
compared to your company
and out i breathe
put down the book and lead
my eyes outside
to see all our unshared time
standing there, so patiently
beside me.
Track Name: Blue
I caught you in your element
just for the hell of it
we shifted around
in your parent's basement
i considered it a get
it wasn't so bad
yet i wonder if
you are not impatient
as i am
eager to make this last
at long last
but which of us knows when
it could've been had
so what's the point in fixing it now
when you can always count on it
coming right back out . . .
i called you around
just to let you down again
it was just my luck
had it given this more thought
would've known soon enough
afterwards i promised i was fine
but that sentiment might've been a lie
anything i could say
you know it always would be taken the wrong way
i call you mad
and you call me cold
i say i'm sorry
and you say "i know" . . .
never been so bitter
as when meeting another quitter.
Track Name: Had
I don't believe everything
must come back someday
i know it can't
everywhere i leave
traces of sympathy
in each of those
who had once thought best of me
you've trapped me
in your guilt trip one last time
we won't celebrate this summer
we'll just wait for winter to peak
coming up on spring
emptied of all empathy
didn't really know you then
not so sure i do, even now.
Track Name: Who's Got Your Pride
You feel like all your friends
are losing their interest
it could just be your insecurities
whispering into your ear
putting your mettle to a test
hoping their motives are well-meant
you'll never know them in the end
there's something that i wanna do
but i know what you've been through
so if you need another month or two
then i guess i'll let you choose
i reject my successes, you deny my faults
but all the same you still blame
yourself for them
despite all that i've said
i guess that you know best
always knew i should've stayed
off those things i shouldn't have said
things between were going okay
until they fell apart again
nothing is lost, nothing is gained
everything between us always the same
nothing was ever uncaused
everything was either yours or my fault
how the hell am i supposed to act surprised
when the lie lies right in front of my fuckin eyes
who's got your pride?
Track Name: Out of Blame
Your lace bracelet left on my desk
waited three whole days before telling you about it
wanted to bring it back, but it didn't feel right
needed not to seem needy, so i called it a night
i'd always meant to keep you in sight
guess you didn't feel the same
the texts came through less and less
it's been a few weeks since the last one was sent
sitting alone at home
watching stand-up, getting stoned
i'm too bored to do any more
than ignore you
it's difficult to move on
can't figure out what i did wrong
or what your last message meant
the one i wish you'd never sent
the best victory that i ever won
was the ability to stop caring
before it stopped being fun.
Track Name: The Captain is Me
Am i pushing myself
too much upon others
and shoving krista out
while shoveling the ground
for what's left of my self-doubt
just because of some dumb things
we did and/or said last week
neither quite admitting defeat
your promises a hospice
i reside in for years
once the disaster has passed
i resurrect hope at last
for backs stacked on mattresses vast
every exertion wears us thin
every appeal gets you again
my evidence of every moment
before when this had come close to an end . . .
might've messed up what i said
and misspoke what i'd meant
but all those aspects added up
never amounted to all that much
but i still blame myself for them
despite all the things that you've said
but i guess that you know best
so now i'm clocking out this round
i'm done with letting you let me down
always counting on you for the rebound
'cause all your hollow followthroughs
still somehow lead me back to you
let's just call it a draw
and forget all those times i ever felt for you at all.
Track Name: Your
Said it was my fault
i was guilty of all the things
i said last night when i called
i'm at a loss for a more specific excuse
but it's the best i've got right now
so it'll have to do
you shouldn't trust my memory
of how it once was
just because you feel
like you're never enough
but it's okay if you stay
i've hardly seen you today
oh well, anyway
your texts on my phone
i leave them alone
the sight of your waves
will tide me over days
Track Name: From Kentucky to Dust
Life is short,
regret is long
is it really so wrong
to not want either at all?
Track Name: Heaven Tonight
It's all over too fast
it's fleeting, it's been cashed
by the road rage sages and...
we're practicing for the last ashtray
the final bottle deposit today
what's safe has long been waylaid
only a few steps left
success is up soon--or next
never been better than my best
i've been tested by far less
but at the end of it i'm still a wreck.